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Hello guys! I’m selling my items that I didn’t use but please understand that we could only meet at the following places:

1.) DLSU-M grounds
2.) One Archer’s Place (Coffee Bean, West Tower; Holly’s Coffee, East Tower)
3.) McDonald’s Taft Avenue
4.) Starbucks near La Salle
5.) EGI Tower

Check out for more.

Fashion Blog Post: U-Week in DLSU Manila

Well, here are a few words before I go to bed:

Before I sleep, I think this is dedicated to the fashion blogger who is starting out. I’m not seeking for attention (AGAIN) and/or whatsoever reason you have there, but thinking that the fashion blogger who hasn’t hatched an idea about promoting their style, well, just read the rest of the entry. I hope you enjoy! <3

LASARE2: A Learning Experience

LASARE2 is one of the best experiences I ever had.

The theme is: Talents to the poor. But I didn’t bother knowing the real title of the reco.

Enjoy reading!

So, DLSU’s gonna have uniform…

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